Jul 15, 2019

Back-End Developer (Java-Python)

The ideal candidate will have 2-5 years work experience with the following:

  • Strong back-end Java development and the corresponding stack (J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, open source libraries, etc.) in a SaaS model
  • Building scalable software in a multi-tenanted environment using software engineering best practices (CDN, caching and VM optimization)
  • Good-to-great DB (Microsoft SQL Server) chops that include complex SQL query development and path optimizations.
  • Best practices approach with Views, Stored Procs and typed-datasets is critical
  • Strong familiarity with creating and deploying Web Services using RESTful APIs (JSON, XML, etc).
  • Experience with SSO using SAML and OAuth
  • Comfortable working with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, XML, Ajax, JQuery


  • experience in large systems software design and development experience, with knowledge of: Python, Django, SQL and linux.
  • Solid foundation in computer science, you have strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • Agile processes are core to how you take advantage of a team and deliver.
  • You’re well-versed in a web application stack. Pick any of them, they kinda all work the same, just recognize that we’re not going to switch to your favorite one (just yet).

Apply for this position:

To apply, include your resume, a link to your portfolio or work samples and a brief introduction. If you have them, include links to your GitHub accounts and send everything to jobs@entropyteam.com